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I just received creations unearthed new 1/6 scale Myers figure. which features the new DP 78 Myers mask this figure is truly a work of art. I have been collecting for a long time and have 8 custom Myers figures but this figure is not only my favorite figure of all my Myers figures but my favorite figure in my collection. It features a latex mask which is removable which is awesome the coveralls are tailored to perfection the boots are even 100% screen accurate. The knife is metal and is perfectly crafted the detail on the mask is in my opinion dead on to the movie perfectly screen accurate resembles John carpenters 78 Myers brilliantly. The stand is amazingly detailed the tombstone it comes with is crafted perfectly this figure looks truly menacing on display and you may have noticed. I have been very positive trough out this review that's because I have not one complaint this figure was not only worth the money. But deserves a 10 out of 10 rating ten being perfect if you are a fan of Halloween this is a must have and once again a true work of art. Thanks again creations unearthed could not be happier with this figure!!!!!! - Jordan R.

Just recently discovered CU. the craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none. In just a couple of weeks I have purchased one complete figure, two masks and commissioned a new mask sculpt. Based on the above review... I'll now be making my 5th purchase. This company is on a whole other level!!! - Michael C.

Got the creation unearthed new 78 Myers this is by far the best Myers I've seen right down to the latex mask the coveralls are amazing boots amazing just this whole figure is amazing!!

Perfect figure wonderful fantastic and beautiful John you're too good ...

Great work on my escape Michael myers it looks real fast work and shipping.

I received my Michael today and honestly, I couldn't be more happy with it! You guys did a phenomenal job with it! I look forward to possibly doing more business with you in the future. Also wanted to thank you for all of your responses. Not many customizers I've dealt with have gotten back to me as fast as you have. Most honestly I never get a response from. So thank you and keep up the great work!

Hi John received Swamp Thing. Very nice and pleased with the way he came out good detail and facial characteristics. Amazing creation. Nice solid heft to him as well certainly looking menancing thats for sure. Just wanted to let you know I really appreciate the fine work you do and thanks again for the time you put into making him.

"Got penny John, absolutely amazing! Instantly one of my favorite figures, and deserves a shelf all to himself lol. Can't thank you enough, I'll be in touch for another figure soon."

"I just got home from work an hour ago and it was waiting for me. This things is awesome, a real work of art man. I'm impressed by the size too, for some reason I expected it to be smaller, so that's a plus! Thanks a lot dude, highly recommend to anyone!"

"I just received my Myers figure today, he's awesome and very detailed. Overall great communication and service, will do business with you again."

"I received my myers figure today, WOW! He is absolutely incredible! Thank you so much!!! you are one truely amazing artist. I cannot wait to see the monster leatherface created."

"Hey John, just wanted to let you know i LOVE Mikey!!! He's gorgeous, can't thank you enough."

"Sorry for the delayed message, I had meant to do this right after I received the Green Ranger, and then got distracted by work and forgot. My apologies. I was looking at the figure this weekend in my display and remembered, and I just wanted to let you know that I received him safely and I love the figure. Your work is exceptional, and since I never thought I’d see a 12” MMPR style figure, let alone one of Hot Toys quality (I used to collect the official 12” ones from later seasons, which were bulky and terrible lol) I am truly happy."

"I just got home finally and saw ghostface, you truly wern't lying, excellent quality , detail, the costume. It's very well done, I finally have intricate piece of horror history. Thank you."

"Hi just wanted to say I got my Lep figure and I love it! Amazing work and the detail in the face is incredible. Thanks again for the easy transaction and great communication."

"My 'grail' figure (Michael Myers) has been given the justice that he deserves from John and no stone has been left unturned. The detail on Myers, his knife, boots, Jack O' Lantern, stand, coveralls and especially the mask are jaw dropping as was the extra goodies that I got the bed sheet and glasses. Make no mistake John does the best 1/6 Michael Myers you can buy and this for me is like having a mini Michael Myers '78 represented in my collection. I want to thank John for given people like me the chance to get my favourite movie characters in this scale."

"Gosh damn man! This is the greatest figure ever. You did a perfect job with fitting the coveralls and tailoring them too! Best ones ive ever seen and the mask/hairing is easily the best one out there as well! Perfect on the blood tears coloring too! New favorite piece, next to your Pennywise! :D Cant thank you enough man!"

"Hey John just wanted to let you know I got Pennywise came in great shape, thank you so much!!! He is AMAZING. My favorite figure by far! A++++ on attention to detail on everything and the skin like head feels so real too."

"Hi, today I received the michael myers H1 figure, it's incredible, thank you very much."

"John, Candyman just came and i am absolutely blown away! A BIG THANKS to you - ( The VERY happy customer)"

"I just received my myers figure and I must say it is amazing!!!! you truely are an incredible artist. Thank you so much for the extra gifts, my myers is now standing above my bookcase in a glass case looking bad ass! :)"

"Just wanted to let you know I received the figure today. I love how it looks and enjoy it very much. Thank you for the sale and look forward to buying again."

"Got him today. Love it! Thanks so much."

"Just letting you know that reptile arrived in post at 11am this morning. I can't thank you enough for making these John. These are the deal and infinately way better than all the other MK figures I've had in the past let me tell ya! :) Then again, these aren't toys like my other figures were, they're purely intended for display purposes only. Which is mainly why I wanted them anyway."

"Well I pulled up to the house today from work and INSTANTLY looked for the package on my front door step...to my surprise IT WAS THERE! I was thrilled, I opened it up and started assembling everything and marveled at the incredible detail in everything I could not be happier."

"Hi, I got the popcorn clown yesterday and its great! Thanks for sending it, that was really classy. You are really cool to deal with and I will recommend your stuff to my friends."

"Happy Holidays to you too! Sorry I didn’t get back to you right away, its been crazy these past few days, but yes the Jason did arrive and he looks incredible! The sculpting job and clothing you designed are absolutely amazing! I can’t believe how movie accurate he looks. He’s the most accurate Jason I’ve ever seen done from any Friday the 13th film and totally blows away anything Sideshow Collectibles ever did. He truly is a work of art and I greatly appreciate you selling him to me. He fits perfectly on my shelf with my other Jason collectibles and was worth every penny. So thanks again for everything and I’ll check your site often to see what other works of art you create!"

"Hi John, received Klowns today, thank you for packaging everything so carefully, very happy with them! Great job on these, and thanks for throwing in those extra stands! Much appreciated."

"Got the "Twins" today! LOVE 'EM!! They look great, and I already posted on my FB page for all to see (including Frank Henenlotter, himself!) Great job on it, especially Belial! Duane looks a little scary/stunned, but the Belial is freakin' awesome! I'll enjoy this year round! Many thanks for such a cool piece!"

"Hello John, thanks so much. I had been away for a few days and when I came home he was there safe and sound. I appreciate you packaging him very carefully. He definitely will make a great addition to my twelve inch horror monster collection. Im very impressed with him. Great quality work John. Thanks again."

"Hey, just wanted to let you know the Michaels arrived the other day and they look great! As usual you did a fantasic job capturing their movie likeness. They both look truely amazing! Thanks again for selling me the H6 Michael, he's definitely my favorite. Keep up the great work and I'll keep an eye out for your future projects."

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