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Some figures include parts that are real metal which can be sharp and not intended to be played with or let a child handle it. All figures are made to order & guaranteed to be of the highest quality, though some differences are to be expected due to their hand crafted nature. Due to the piece being custom made per order there are no refunds. Orders are completed in the order they are received so delivery time will vary. At last, these custom figures are intended for display only.

Q. How do I order a custom figure?

A. If you like my work, send an email to creationsunearthed@aol.com for a price quote.

Q. Do you ship outside the USA?

A. Yes, I ship anywhere in the world.

Q. Are all these figures custom made?

A. Yes, all are custom made to order figures. There is no inventory or stock, each figure is completely hand crafted requiring extensive hours of work.

Q. How long before my figure ships?

A. Order wait time varies; I will notify you on an estimated date.

Q. Do you take commissions?

A. Yes, depending on the character and accessories. Feel free to contact me about a potential figure you would like.

Q. How pose able are these figures?

A. All figures have over 30+ articulations.

Q. What kind of paints do you use?

A. I only use paints/inks designed specifically for resin model kits which have best bond to plastic, resin, etc. After the paintjob I apply lacquer for even further scratch protection.

Q. Where do you get the clothes?

A. Clothes, costumes are professionally tailored using my own patterns. I make them specifically for my figures; you will not find these clothes anywhere else.

Q. Will you sell me clothes only?

A. No, I don't sell loose parts such as clothes, accessories or head sculpts.

Q. Are these figures limited?

A. Yes, they are extremely limited; each one is hand made by me and only available via my website Creations Unearthed. I also offer "limited edition" figures every now and then that are strictly numbered and bring a COA.

Q. How should I properly care & maintain my figure?

A. In order to preserve and maximize the life of your pieces, proper care must be performed:
- Keep the figures including accessories away from direct sunlight or artificial UV light such as florescent light.
- Keep in a cool room, avoid high temperatures.
- Before handling a figure avoid contact with metals and liquid.
- Keep the figures dry at all times, never come to contact with any form of liquids.

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